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I have been in the Painting Industry for nearly 15 years. My Spectrum of experience includes property maintenance: Interior and Exterior, Brush, Spray and/or Roll. Whether it was working from 30-ft. platforms, to spraying traffic lines at ground level, or painting offices to Industrial Equipment, every job is completed with a Workman's pride.

Spectrum Painting Services LLC was birthed on the idea that it could serve the general public's painting needs with excellent service and a desire to please the customer.

Owner / Operator Bob Barry wants to serve the surrounding communities by using his extensive experience as a qualified painter of all types.


Painting for nearly 15 years, clients can be assured that experience is the cornerstone of Spectrum Painting Services LLC.

The Spectrum of experience my business offers guarantees satisfaction in every job.


Spectrum Painting Services LLC Believes Quality is the Core of Business Integrity.

Everything from Materials, Methods and Workmanship of the highest quality. Spectrum Painting Services LLC strives to make customer satisfaction a personal priority.

Call 309-371-3947 to speak to 's Best Option for High Quality Painting.

We're local to , but Spectrum Painting Services LLC is also available for painting work in the surrounding area as well.


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